About Matt

Woody’s Jewelry Repair and Sales is owned and operated by Matt Woody. Woody’s Jewelry Repair and Sales serves the East Texas area – Tyler, Jacksonville, Whitehouse and Bullard Texas. All Jewelry repair is done by Matt and never leave his shop. He offers the same quality of fine jewelry and heirloom jewelry that can be found in the area except, as in most cases much lower prices because of lower overhead, and no need to send your jewelry out of the store for repairs. In 1998, Matt started his jewelry career at Zale’s Jewelry Store, Broadway Square, Tyler, TX. During his time, he knew he wanted to be in the jewelry industry. To gain more experience and grow in the industry, he worked in management at Friedman’s Jewelers, Tyler for 2 years, and his last place of employment was Karats by Kyser, Tyler, Tx. While there he learned and mentored under Master Jeweler, Morris Kyser, for over 5 years, learning all facets of store management and jewelry repair. During this time Morris Kyser announced his retirement, so Matt took the opportunity to go into business for himself working primarily in the Tyler, Whitehouse area for the next 10 years. Much of the time was spent doing bench work for other Jewelry stores in the area.  he also expanded to a storefront in the Bullard, Jacksonville area, still serving his former customers in the Tyler, Whitehouse area. With his centralized location and lower overhead, he can now service the whole area, (Tyler, Whitehouse, Jacksonville, Bullard)  for those willing to “Drive a little, They Can Save A Lot!” Now, he can also serve the worldwide web with his online store where customers can save up to 70% from the comfort of their home, and always have someone to discuss their jewelry needs with. Matt wants to be your personal jeweler! Many have seen his quality of work in the area for the past 15 years, and he now offers the same quality of repairs he has done for his customers and other jewelers in the area exclusively to the public. Any jewelry repairs or jewelry items, because of the lower overhead and your willingness to “drive a little”, you can save 50% or more, for what others charge for similar repairs in the area.  Matt offers direct to the customer repairs with no middleman? Stop by, call Matt, or check us out online and we will show you why, “We Have Been One of the Best Kept Secrets in East Texas!”   

We also would like to introduce one of our strategic partners “STULLER JEWELRY COMPANY” which allows us to be able to compete in the Tyler, Bullard, Jacksonville and Whitehouse Texas Markets and provide new top quality jewelry at prices that are in many cases far below the prices in the area especially if it is a Stuller Retailer. The reason we can offer the best pricing is because of our lower overhead and I am your personal jeweler. Check with us first it could save you serious money on your next jewelry purchase! Go to the Stuller Show Case at https://woodys.jewelershowcase.com/

Many of our customers are not aware of all we have to offer.

  • We don’t have salespeople, You deal with the decision maker.
  • What we sell we service and we have access to the latest equipment and techniques.
  • You always know where your jewelry is.
  • Price or quality is never an issue at Woody Jewelry Repair and Sales!
  • We may just be the best-kept secret in the East Texas area. (Tyler, Bullard, Whitehouse and Jacksonville, Texas)